Sunday, January 23, 2011

What would a thin person do?

I don’t obsess about my weight and generally feel that I’m pretty healthy, although the BMI index tells me I’m overweight. However, I put on the usual half stone at Christmas, followed by a few extra pounds after an early January dinner party and general finishing up the holiday goodies. This brought me up to my heaviest since the late 1990s. Last time I hit that weight, I managed to lose a stone and a half through eating less, but it was agonising. Ever since then I’ve gone for weight maintenance at roughly a stone under that maximum, but it’s been creeping up again recently and something must be done.

This time I’m not going to starve myself – I’m trying a different approach. I started to observe the way thin people eat. And there were interesting differences. Whether it’s a matter of training or inclination, I realised that thin people organise their eating to include less fat, sugar and carbs. They probably eat less overall too, but I think that may be less important than what they eat.

I decided to adopt several of these habits, and as a consequence I have lost five pounds in a week. I can’t say I stick to them all the time, but something is clearly working and it has the added advantage that I’m not needing to consider exercise, which in my opinion is the work of the devil. They are:

• When in the coffee shop, always drink americano. This has been an easy change to make from my usual cappuccino or latte, and has had the added benefit that I can actually taste the coffee
• Also in the coffee shop – a hazardous area – never never have a muffin or cake. This is more difficult, being addicted to Starbucks blueberry muffins. The way to deal with this is to go to the coffee shop with a thin person and feel too ashamed to eat in front of them
• Eat very few or no carbs: potatoes, pasta, noodles, cous cous, rice, bread. I’ve found it remarkably easy to cut down, although I haven’t cut them out altogether
• When eating out, never have a pudding
• Avoid cream; reduce consumption of cheese and chocolate. Difficult, but at least I have a good selection of vegan recipes to rely on at home.

Of course there are always those irritating thin people who break all the rules, eat as much as they like and never put on a single pound. How do I know this? – I’ve been living with one for nearly thirty years!

Apologies to all who thought I might write about the political situation in the Irish Republic today. Unlike some in NI politics I haven’t been trained to hit a moving target, and so intend to comment once it has all settled down a bit after next Tuesday.


Timothy Belmont said...

My friends in Harrow swear by Caffe Nero and they took me to The Harrow branch, where we had Americano accompanied bt "naughties" - pastries, buns and, in our case, muffins.

I'm no coffee conniosseur, though Nero's coffee seemed good; and my pals have a preference for it over the other rivals.

I see their main Belfast branch is at the corner of Fountain St and College St (former BA office).

I must bring the mini 9 and treat myself soon!

Jenny Muir said...

I'll try it when I'm next in the city centre - minus the 'naughties', of course! They are absolutely lethal, but I suspect I am talking to Lord Thin Person here

Rab said...

I am a man of generous proportions because I enjoy generous portions.

So, I've been giving your post some serious thought, especially the bit about the shame you feel when you go to a coffee shop and eat a muffin in front of a thin friend.

My advice is this: next time you're in the coffee shop forgo the muffin and eat your thin friend instead. Thin people contain hardly any calories and you won't have to look at their skinny ass again.

Jenny Muir said...

LOL Rab!! But I do find when I get to what I think of as my maximum weight (which I am very carefully not specifying) I start to get a backache, which is nature's way of saying stop eating those muffins. So I have to make an effort really.

Baino said...

And always eat breakfast!Good luck. I'm cracking on with it but it's a slow road.

Jenny Muir said...

Thanks Baino and good luck to you! Toast has been replaced by porridge BTW, no chance I'd go without breakfast.

Johnny Guitar said...

Caffe Nero. Fountain Street. Mocha with whipped cream and copious amounts of chocolate sprinkled over the top of it. Seat outside with the morning paper and a Marlboro (red brand of course). The breakfast of champions.

Jenny Muir said...

JG - whipped cream! Chocolate!! cigarettes!!! You are clearly gearing up for the election....